2D commercials 

Commercial reel is a short and fun video which represents the brand. The main goal is to attract the potential client’s attention. Good commercials need to bring positive emotions which are associated with the company and the product.

The main specificity and the difficulty in creating animated videos is the huge team of professionals working on it firsthand, even if the video is very simple. This thing is quite expensive, but the end result is completely worth it. Besides, the animated commercial often can be less expensive than the live one. The video price depends on difficulty and amounts of the locations, characters details, backgrounds and surrounding objects.

2D commercials is a not that expensive and popular way of bringing the product, service or company information to the consumer.  With our studio you can get exactly the commercial you always wanted.
Talented artists, designers, experienced directors and animators, screenwriters, composers, sound producers are working at CUBINCUP animation studio. Each and every one of them is a true professional, and that makes us one of the best animation studios.