Animated children shows

To write a kids animated show screenplay is as hard as to write a serious adult film script. Good show is a catching story, first of all, which entertains the little audience.

To captivate the children, the screenwriter needs to imagine the exact reaction of the audience first, to understand what viewers want, what inspires or scares them. At the same time it is important to remember that animated children show’s script is a special genre of screenwriting, in which clear and detailed description of each scene, action and characters dialogues is extremely important.

CUBINCUP animation studio has a big experience in animated kids show creation. In 2016 the studio finished working on the “Robics” show, which target audience is 6-10 years old. The show became popular not only in CIS countries, but also in Europe and Asia. In 2018 the studio started production of learning show “CarMavens”, which target audience is 3-5 years old.

CUBINCUP studio takes over the whole production process from screenplay writing to turnkey making of the full episode. Also, while contacting us, you can get a free budget and production steps consultation for your show.

CUBINCUP studio film library:

“Robics” (2016) – 10 episodes, 12-13 min each.
“CarMavens” (2018-2021) – 3 seasons.
1 season “CarMavens – learning alphabet” – 32 episodes, 3 min each.
2 season “CarMavens – learning numbers” – 10 episodes, 5.30 min each.
3season “CarMavens – Animals of Africa” – 3episodes, 5.30 min each (in production).